Pet Motel

“See what puts us above the rest and makes us the best!”

“I found a great kennel for Shadow. They have yummy nutritious food, a comfortable bed, playtime, a  facility we would feel comfortable leaving our own pets at.”

The Bubbles and Bows pet motel features:

  • Total individualized care by trained pet professionals.
  • Solid panels that separate your pet from the one next to it (helps your pet relax because it doesn’t feel challenged by the dog next to it)
  • A state-of-the-art computer system that tracks your pet’s feeding, exercise, and medication schedule.
  • A detailed computer file that gives our staff immediate access to your pet’s personal information
  • Experienced and professional on-site grooming that is available to your pet during their stay in our motel.
  • Premium quality food provided by us during your pet’s stay or the option of bringing your dog’s own food (prevents stomach upset from changing foods)
  • No preset kennel schedule, so your pet can eat, sleep, and exercise according to its own body clock.
  • A divided suite with a potty area and an eating/sleeping area, our kennels are designed to ensure proper cleanliness, and is accessible to your pet 24 hours a day (except during cleaning)
  • Heated and air-conditioned facility
Cats 01

Dogs & Cats are Welcome!

Dog Boarding Features

•   Outside play area

•   Off-the-floor beds

•   Heated & Air Conditioned

•   Cookie breaks

•   Open 7 days a week

We also offer Doggie Daycare at our Janesville Location!

Cat Boarding Features

•   Separate room from dogs

•   Heated & Air Conditioned

•   Two-room condo available

•   Play time available



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